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Praise Ministry

Worship God – for us this is Praise. In all that we do, we as Christians must do it whole heartedly unto the Lord. Praise centers our entire effort to serve God. Simply, it all comes back to our worship of God being a way of life and not just a thing that we do.

Min. Breon Williams Interim Director Kaley Howard/Karen Black-Barron Black Tunnage Junior Choir Dorothy Rich C.V. Ford Celestial Choir TBA C.V. Ford Mass Choir Yanique Cunningham Young Adult Choir Kaley Howard Youth Choir Joan Smith Angels of Praise Gwendolyn Adams Dancers for Christ Peggy Williams/Deidre Shaw/Ashley Shaw Perfection Mime Andre Dixon-Whitfield Divine Children Dancers Darrell Lloyd Men’s Choir Dolly Mosby-Frith Drama
Rosetta McKenzie Willing Vessels
Terrell Hall Dance Consortium Coord.
Darious Rachel Seeds of Excellence