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We believe that God has a specific purpose every time we gather together, whether at church services or even here on our website. We are a church for people like you.  People looking for answers and a purpose in life.


Statistics say that up to two-thirds of people looking for a church check out a church’s web site as a first step. If you are new to FBCPG this website can give you a wealth of information. If you like what you see, we hope you will take the opportunity to join us some weekend in the future.


First Baptist Church Piney Grove is a Living Church. Meaning our approach to ministry is designed to create and sustain an “alive” experience. We believe that when all parts of the body are functioning properly the experience is one that generates life. That means that we have a balanced and alive approach to doing ministry. Thus, we are designed to function with what we believe are the seven vital areas of the body of Christ, namely; Partnership (becoming committed believers), Precept (maturing as disciples of Jesus), Participation (serving in ministry), Purpose (fulfilling the great commandment), Protection (nurturing and strengthening families), Progress (impacting communities for the cause of Christ), and Praise (worshipping God in all we do). We believe that this produces the body of Christ to be a “Living Church”.


We hope that your experience today will encourage you to know and embrace Jesus as never before. When you really come to know Jesus you will truly believe as we do that with God, all things are possible!