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Small Groups

If the doctor performed a health check on you, he/she would check your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and many other things to ensure that you are healthy and that you will continue to “grow” or continue to remain healthy. If Doctor Jesus performed a health check on First Baptist Church Piney Grove, He would be looking to make sure that we’re “healthy” and that we continue to grow.  One way for us to grow spiritually is for us to become “smaller.” How small?  As small as a Cell.

What are Small Groups?  Small groups – groups of 9-12 people where worship, prayer, accountability and fellowship around God’s word connects the individuals into a cohesive unit.  It is during the group meetings where individuals can use their spiritual gifts, receive support, encourage each other and seek to bring others to share their joy.  

Why Small Groups?  Small groups foster close relationships, encourages focused prayer for one another, provides a comfortable atmosphere for openness, allows for mutual edification among believers, encourages better learning and provides a source of encouragement and accountability.  Join a Small Group today.

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