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Small Groups

The goal of joining a Small Group is to provide support and a sense of community as you grow in your walk with Jesus Christ. We believe that relationship is important; with God and with each other. So together, let’s learn how to live life abundantly!

Our goal also includes the vision to create a culture that is aware of the importance of not only being saved, but also to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. The study of His word is not optional, it should be primary. We want to re-ignite the value of relationship; both with God and each other. We want bring the reality of intentional evangelism in a non-threatening way that wins souls for Christ while strengthening and developing the body of Christ! Small Group Leaders, Group Names, Meeting times and location are to be determined by the Small Group leaders… and remember to be open and available to the perfect will of the God!


Available Groups

Brunch with Mothers and Wives
Marie Fleming – Leader
A group for young wives and moms who love to get together and have brunch to discuss issues that we face… while seeing how the Word of God specifically is there to help and to guide our journey!
email: bmw.fbcpg@gmail.com

Get it Right – Get It Tight
Darren and Cassandra Sams – Leader
A group designed for those looking to be and stay physically active. Activities to include group workouts outdoors, ice skating, rock climbing, pick up basketball, etc.
email: info.954connect@gmail.com


Building Leaders Out Of Ministry Support
Marilyn Bozeman – Leader
This group is centered around walking to promote exercise towards good health. We will be Walker’s for Jesus! The goal is to walk before Bible Study and then Attend Bible Study!
email: bloomsfbcpg2019@gmail.com


Been There Done That
Dolvanya Mosby – Leader
Women of all ages that want to promote Womanhood; inclusive of the victories and challenges that go along with life. Tips on how to balance the Word and the World where we reside.
email: btdtfbcpg@gmail.com


Straight Talk
Sam and Joan Smith – Leaders
We discuss real issues in today’s language. Most members of this group are 40 years and older that realize that age does not disqualify anyone from dealing with real life issues… and how to deal with life issues using principles from the Word of God!
email: jsfbcpg@gmail.com


Young Ones Loving the One
Jodie Cunningham – Leader
Young believers from 18-36 years old seeking to understand ‘Love’ from a Jesus perspective. We enjoy outings like bowling, pizza parties and other fun events while gaining a true understanding of Love… with a foundation supported by the Word of God!
email: yolofbcpg19@gmail.com


Tennis Anyone
Wayne Robinson – Leader
Beginners and intermediate tennis players that meet to enjoy playing the sport of tennis while also sharing the goodness and mercy of the Lord. Serving starts a tennis match… which also is the beginning of knowing the Lord!
email: fbcpgpraise@icloud.com