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Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  We want to welcome you to First Baptist Church Piney Grove.  We hope you have visited our church and found a warm and inviting place to worship. As our Pastor would say “We are not a “Perfect People, but we serve a Perfect God”! Amen

You may have been wondering about joining First Baptist Church Piney Grove, but you are not sure of what is involved in becoming a member.
Please let us share the good news with you and what is the meaning of church membership.


Join the Church – Three Ways to receive membership

New Christian

* One who has made the decision to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior?

*He/she accepts the invitation of the Pastor to come forward at close of any regular worship service, bible study

*Candidate should be able to express their decision to trust Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

* Complete the New Members Orientation Class and commit to our membership covenant agreement

*Be baptized


Christian Experience

*He/she presents self as a candidate for membership and accepts the invitation of the Pastor to come forward at the close of any worship service.


Statement of Previous Profession of Faith and Baptism by emersion

*He/ She will present self as a candidate for membership and “Statement of *Faith” at the close of regular worship service.

*A candidate may be a member of an evangelical church which proclaims the Gospel and immerses those who profess faith in Christ.

*This candidate may join by “Statement of Faith”, and baptism is not necessary since he/she has already been immersed as a believer in Jesus Christ.

*Candidates from other denominations who have not been immersed will be received for baptism rather that by Statement of Faith.

*When presenting yourself for membership, you will be asked to complete a card when you join, and someone will be available to assist you.

*All candidates for membership must complete a New Members Orientation Class before membership granted.


Expectations of Membership

*A member is expected to participate in the ministry of the church.

*A member must be in agreement with the doctrines and practices of our church.

*A member is expected give regular financial support by contributing tithes and sacrificial offerings.

*A member is expected to give conscientious endorsement to the church covenant and vision of the church.

*A member should be committed to growth in discipleship and should be available to do acts of ministry with the church family.



Thank you for visiting our website.  We pray that you will join this body of Christ and find joy in serving the Lord.



For any further questions, please contact our church office at 954-735-1500.