Do You Want a Relationship with God?


Do you want a relationship with God? What does it take to create and sustain a relationship with God? If you have these questions or would simply like to know more about First Baptist Church Piney Grove, we would LOVE to connect with you. We are the “Imperfect church that serves a Perfect God. We’re here to answer any questions for you.

Please email your questions and we will be sure to provide biblical based answers for you that will surely assist in your spiritual growth.

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Latest Announcements

  • Partnership
    Supporters for Partnership are needed. Please contact Rev. Cunningham if interested.
  • READ Needs Teachers
    READ need teachers for the 2019-2020 school year.
    Please contact Sis. Marvis Ward for detailed information
  • Prayer Call
    6:00 AM (Mon – Fri) Phone: 712-451-0444 Conference Code: 757400
  • Noah’s Ark
    NOAH’S ARK , formerly the Nursery Open during all services every Sunday. Designed for Infants – 3 years If you’re interested in volunteering, contact the church office.
  • The Youth Choir
    Parents of Middle and High School Students that sing are encouraged to share their gift for the Lord.
    The Youth Choir meets each Thursday at 6:40 PM. Looking forward to seeing you THURSDAY!