Do You Want a Relationship with God?


Do you want a relationship with God? What does it take to create and sustain a relationship with God? If you have these questions or would simply like to know more about First Baptist Church Piney Grove, we would LOVE to connect with you. We are the “Imperfect church that serves a Perfect God. We’re here to answer any questions for you.

Please email your questions and we will be sure to provide biblical based answers for you that will surely assist in your spiritual growth.

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Latest Announcements

20/21 Plan

The 20/21 Plan was designed to help us pay off the mortgage on this church. It's really simple. Each member, of this great church, is asked to contribute $20 per month for 36 months. That's it. With God's help, we will do it. Ask an usher for the special gold envelope when giving  


Communion for April will be served on Sunday, April 15th.  

FBCPG 2018 Graduating High School Seniors

The FBCPG scholarship packet is available for pickup in the church office. Deadline for submission is May 14th at 12 noon.  

Church History–Urgent Request for Information

Anyone with verifiable written documentation of the early history of First Baptist Church Piney Grove is asked to contact Sister Vera Ginn  or Deaconess Dorothy Cook.  

Attention All Leaders

Leaders are asked to attend Prayer Service every third Wednesday of the month at 6:15 PM.  

Attention All Ministries

Want to begin the year in a spirit of excellence, therefore, all requisitions requires a Director’s approval prior to submitting to the office for processing. If you have any questions, please contact the church office.  

Supporting Our Own Businesses

If you own a business and You are a member of FBCPG and You financially support the church Let us support you by promoting your business here at your church. Please submit your business cards and flyers to the church office.  

Calling All Educators!

If you are willing to sacrifice 1-2 hours of your time, the students of the READ program are waiting on you. READ is a tutoring program that is open to everyone of all ages. Let’s be a blessing to someone.